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Where Do I Find The Software?

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018 02:14AM PST
This article shows you how to find the software for immediate download and use, and provides additional insight on the differences between the two available packages.

SSProtect is openly available for Evaluation, and comes in two different forms:

 - an installation package with a filesystem driver protecting files/ docs and Outlook Email
 - an Installation package for those only managing Outlook Email content

The main site's Download page includes links to the latest packages and a basic overview of each, along with information related to Evaluation. The article provides additional insight on the advantages to using the package with the filesystem driver, and a reference to help you get started with the software.

Acquiring Older Packages
Directions for finding older versions of the software are included in the article, Install and Update Details. Do not use older versions unless you have a very specific reason for doing so. In that case, you should coordinate with Support to be certain you are working with the right package.

SSProtect Host and Cloud Components
is deployed as a hybrid SaaS solution that uses cloud service components - KODiAC Cloud Services - together with host application software you install on your computer, the :Foundation Client. The client establishes secure communications with cloud services to work with host-protected content, delivering the capabilities of the SSProtect system. For an overview, refer to the article, Our Technology. For system components and names, refer to the article, Components and Names.

Production Software and Cloud Licensing
The :Foundation Client is inordinately small, around 10 MB installed, and runs in the background using minimal resources. Cloud services manage Account and Organization specifics, manage Licensing, and provide configuration details that permit the client UI to present configuration information more typically offered through the use of a website.

In-Place Encryption/ Protection
In-Place Encryption is a unique, patented method for providing data protection independent of the host application container used to access and modify data. In-Place Encryption and Protection provides continuous protective coverage while content is modified with native application software. This is managed by both application software and a filesystem driver, configured for you when installing with the appropriate package.

Driver Compatibility
To-date, we are not aware of any issues using the filesystem driver with business applications. Some consumer anti-virus software interrupts this process, but can be configured to allow proper operation. Corrective action is included in the article, System Requirements.

NOTE: Two-Factor Authentication provides a significant degree of additional protection, which is built into the :Foundation Client and integrated into In-Place Encryption. Evaluation deployment does not expose this functionality, by default, to simplify startup operation. For more information, refer to the article, Credentials, Keys, and 2FA.

Using Email Protection without the Filesystem Driver
Outlook Email message protection does not require the filesystem driver, though working with protected attachments in native form then operates without the In-Place Encryption capabilities described in previous sections.

In that case, however, you can still save protected attachments, Release Protections, then work directly with the unprotected plaintext. This of course exposes content to any existing host-local threat, and also relies upon the manual application of follow-up protection. This is consistent with traditional host encryption solutions. We however recommend against this approach due to the prevalence of host-specific attacks targeting application data content.

Starting with an Evaluation
Refer to the article, START HERE, for focused guidance scoped to your intended use. This article will help you better understand the role you will assume, and provides references for getting started.

Additional Assistance
Refer to the Installation, Provisioning, and Administration Topics for articles that explain how to install, provision, and utilize the software. Information applies to both Trial and Paid Subscription Licensing.

For direct assistance, send email to and include as much detail as possible regarding your project, requirements, and areas of focus, and our team will respond to you as quickly as possible. We are available to work with you in any way necessary to insure you have the protections necessary, and look forward to providing any required assistance.

DefiniSec is committed to protecting your information and your privacy. We never share your information with anyone unless required to do so by law. This includes direct information, end-user data, and usage statistics. We also do not contact anyone in response to Trial Licensing, and as such you must contact our team if you require assistance or want to learn more about our system's capabilities. We take this very seriously, and if in any way you feel we are not in adherence to this policy, please bring it to our immediate attention.


This article was updated w/ v8.5.1 of the :Foundation Client

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