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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2019 08:00PM PDT
This article lists requirements for running SSProtect on your computer.

SSProtect is hybrid software and a service aimed at protecting data from organized intrusion attempts plaguing corporations. The software does not make use of traditional programming frameworks or common libraries to help avoid 0-day vulnerabilities held by well-funded electronic crime and espionage teams. The software is thus relatively small, and is comprised of an Executable and several DLLs that run on Windows laptop, desktop, workstation, and even server computers to protect files and Outlook Email messages. The total footprint, as of version 9.0, is as follows:
  • SSProtect Installer: < 7.3 MB
  • SSProtect Installed: < 31.7 MB*
  • SSProtect Full Update: < 7.3 MB
  • SSProtect FAST UPDATE: ~ 3.0 MB
  • :Email Installer: < 4 MB
  • :Email Installed: < 10 MB

* Tutorial images hog 26.5 MB of this total. The remaining Program and resources are ~ 5.0 MB.

SSProtect package figures use the larger full-featured installer w/ the filesystem driver. :Email and Updates are dynamically downloaded/ installed (w/ end-user/ Admin guidance). Uninstalling removes all components and provides for flexibility in removing or retaining configuration data.

Windows Platforms
The :Foundation Client is a 64-bit binary supported on Windows 7 and Windows 10. It is 
designed for compatibility with host operating systems on bare metal or in virtual environments, independent from virtualization technologies. If you have needs for Windows XP, Windows 8.x, Windows Server, or need a 32-bit build, email Support at

:Email Outlook Add-On
is an Outlook Add-In that protects email message content, supported with:

  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Microsoft Office 365

Refer to the section, "Product Email Trailers" for important information regarding email message content stripping.

Outlook Multi-Monitor Support, March 2019
Microsoft recently extended Outlook to support multiple monitors. With default settings, the :Email Inbox overlay that shows the actively protected Account renders as an independent, "popout" window. You can disable this element or adjust Outlook User Interface Options to render with maximum compatibility. Refer to your installation's Release Notes for details.

System Resources
The software uses relatively little system memory and disk space, and thus runs on any proper Windows installation - on both bare metal and in virtual machines.

In-Place Encryption and Anti-Virus Software

SSProtect delivers In-Place Encryption and Protection, a mechanism for maintaining protective control over data file content even while it's being modified in a native application container, such as Microsoft Word. This is a non-specific mechanism that utilizes a filesystem driver, which can pose challenges to improperly developed third-party software, or software that uses undocumented procedures to implement various esoteric features (not uncommon in security products).

NOTE: Though we use the term anti-virus, it applies to anti-malware software, hybrid combinations of the two, and other similar host endpoint protection software.

Business Anti-Virus Editions
Enterprise anti-virus software is built with compatibility in mind, insuring organizations that customization and exception configuration is kept to a minimum. Else, deployment costs skyrocket and the support burden becomes unbearable.

At the time of this writing, all major business anti-virus products are inter-operable with DefiniSec products, out of the box (with no customizations).

"In-Between" Host Security Software
Kaspersky had its early success with consumer solutions and leveraged this success to enter the business domain. Though peaking at a 5% market share, it was at one time one of the top four players on the business market.

In 2015, Kaspersky was not compatible with
SSProtect without exception configuration (explained below), though in 2016 did not require adjustments. This has since changed again, and as a result, we recommend planning on configuring an exception to avoid spontaneous incompatibilities resulting from core software updates.

Anti-Virus Exceptions
Almost all anti-virus software provides a facility for excluding certain programs from scanning and other protective measures. If you encounter problems between AV software and SSProtect, refer to your vendor's procedures to exclude the following binary application file:


Windows Security
Security Essentials, the Windows 7 add-on which later integrated new technologies directly into Windows 8.x and Windows 10 as Defender and now Windows Security, is compatible with SSProtect except when using Controlled Folder Access. Our team notified Microsoft of the problem immediately after this feature was released, though has not heard back since an original notice they would attend to the issue over a year ago.

Nonetheless, Controlled Folder Access provides little measurable value when using

Product Email Trailers
Many anti-virus systems, not unlike tablets and smartphones, append a short message to the end of each email advertising the equipment and/or provider from which the message was sent, or anti-virus system that performed security cleansing or checking on the message.

:Email takes this into consideration and removes this text before converting the protected information back into plaintext. This information is thus always removed from the final plaintext result, but remains with the original encrypted content when the message is closed. This is not a matter of arbitrary interference, as it is required in order to maintain certain operational capabilities that may, in the future, be addressed in another fashion.

Nothing Stays the Same
All technologies change. Security technologies must respond to the quickest-changing dynamics in the technology landscape. What works today may not work tomorrow. While the Enterprise Security vendors are required to retain ongoing compatibility, consumer products don't always have the same level of success. This is worth taking into consideration if you encounter unusual behavior over time, though to-date it has not yet been an issue (since early 2015 release).

Additional Resources
You can search this site for more information on various topics, or use 
this link to submit a specific request. You can also send email directly to, and our staff will respond to your needs as soon as possible.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out our primary website and Insights columns for information on current trends, security topics, and how our technologies relate.


This article was updated w/ v9.0.3 of the :Foundation Client

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