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Installing the :Foundation Client

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2018 10:01PM PST
This article shows you how to install SSProtect and includes additional links to use the software.

SSProtect supports both Individual Accounts, and those that operate within the context of an Organization. Both install the same software package, though Provisioning differs for each case. This article helps you prepare for SSProtect use, walks through installation, then directs you to the appropriate articles for Provisioning.

Installation Package
SSProtect is small - about 7 MB for the installer, which includes all host software components required for the :Foundation Client except when you enable :Email, which is about 4 MB. This is an Outlook Add-In used for native Outlook capability, and it does not participate in or contribute to protective execution. This is left to SSProtect and KODiAC Cloud Services.

The :Email Add-In is managed for you - you don't need to install or uninstall it. This is further described in the article, 1st Time Use. More information is available at the end of this article.

The latest version of the software is available to users in the United States, and it can be found on the main website's Download page. If you are in another country, send a request to our Support staff using the information at the end of this article. For download details, see the article, Where do I find the Software.

Supported Operating Systems
SSProtect is supported on host computers running minimally qualified versions of Windows 7 and Windows 10. For Windows XP, Windows 8, or Windows Server, email Support or contact your DefiniSec Representative to discuss options. Windows Vista is not supported.

Required Network Connectivity
Your host computer must be able to make outbound connections to remote TCP ports 52522 and 52622. The software doesn't create or use dynamic ingress connections.

If your outbound traffic is closely managed, Whitelist the following addresses:

IMPORTANT: Never configure policies using the IPs to which these DNS Names resolve, as they can and do change rapidly to best manage network dynamics.

Adjusting Spam Filters for Incoming Email
SSProtect uses email for certain event notifications. Make sure your spam filter permits the following user/ address:

    Display Name:  SSProtect-Administrator
    Email Address:

Verifying Package Content
DefiniSec signs all binary files, including the installer package. To verify:

  1. Download the package you intend to use, as noted in previous text
  2. Navigate to the package location in Windows Explorer
  3. Right-click on the package file and choose Properties
  4. Click on the Digital Signatures tab to display signature details
  5. Verify that Name of the signer is Definitive Data Security, Inc.

Many Windows configurations use a combination of anti-virus controls and SmartScreen to protect against malicious content. If you encounter any issues, you may have to modify your local settings to permit the installer package and subsequent software to run, though this is not common.

Privileged Execution

Installation requires elevated privileges when using the Primary Package which includes a filesystem driver. The driver is required for In-Place Encryption/ Protection. If you are using the Alternate or Email-Only Package, this is not required. Depending on your User Account Control settings and Windows login credentials, you may be presented with an elevation prompt near the end of the installation process, and in some cases may need external assistance for proper permissions.

Run the Installer
SSProtect utilizes the Advanced Installer framework, which guides you through the installation process. This requires that you review and agree to the Software License Agreement. Be sure you and/ or your employer agree to all terms and conditions, then proceed:

  1. Accept the License Agreement, click Next, then click Install
  2. Acknowledge any prompt(s) requesting permission to modify your computer*
  3. You will be prompted to reboot, if necessary, else taken to the Login UI

When prompted, make sure the resource requesting elevation has been signed. Click on the Publisher link if you wish to verify the certificate chain.

Two Ways to Provision an Account
Your next steps are specific to your circumstances, and most likely require you to Provision your Account before you can Login and use the software. If you are an existing User, you can Remote Deploy your Profile and :Recover data using the procedure described in the article, Remote Profile Deployment.

For all others, Provisioning starts with one of two paths:

For more insight, refer to the Article, Accounts and Organizations.

First Time Login - Dynamic Configuration
After you provision your Account using one of the procedures noted above, you can Login at which point SSProtect will configure local resources consistent with your configuration. This may require interactive participation, and when required, you will be given guidance for each step. For details, refer to the article, 1st Time Use.

:Email Installation
For Accounts configured to use :Email, 1st Time Use handles Outlook Add-In installation on your behalf, though you are given the option to defer proceedings if necessary. For more information, refer to the article, Installing :Email.

NOTE: :Email installation is automatic, and you should not need further insight into installation details unless something does not function as expected.

Final Notes - Not a Sync Client, No Harvesting/ Cataloging
SSProtect is not a sync client, like Dropbox or Box, thus, "shared" content must be delivered from the permitting/ owning party to consumers using other services - like Dropbox, Box, Email, File Server folders, SharePoint, and so on.

In fact, quite the contrary, SSProtect was designed to make certain your data isn't exposed to these and other services while at the same time protecting from those specifically motivated to acquire content they shouldn't have. Ever open a file in a sync and sharing folder and wish you hadn't put it there? With SSProtect, a protected document won't sync your plaintext to the cloud - even if you edit it in one of the sync folders.

Ultimately, you can rest assured SSProtect never operates without you explicit instructions, performing only the tasks you demand of it, when you need it.

Additional Resources
For more technical information, see the article, Install and Update Details. You can also search this site for more information on various topics, or use 
this link to submit a specific request. You can also send email directly to, and our staff will respond to your needs as soon as possible.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out our primary website and Insights columns for information on current trends, security topics, and how our technologies relate.


This article was updated w/ v8.5.2 of the :Foundation Client

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