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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018 01:26AM PST
This article tells you how to use this site, which contains guidance to deploy and use DefiniSec data management and protection software/ services provided by KODiAC and SSProtect.

Using this Site
SSProtect is a feature-rich set of data management, protection, reporting and analysis components designed to minimize end-user and administrative impact. This unified hybrid SaaS platform reduces unauthorized sensitive data disclosure with continuous integrity protection and high-availability secure data storage while providing data reporting and analysis tools that target security incident response and recovery operations.

The article provides basic guidance and references for all users. It follows with guidance to determine which Role you should assume in identifying the appropriate Quick Start articles for steps to download, install, provision, and use the software.

For Everyone, At Minimum

All users should peruse the following materials as a starting point, if only in brief:
  1. Skim read Our Technology; suffer some of the marketing* to understand goals
  2. Refer to Components and Names to clarify terms and component references
  3. Use Help from any :Foundation Client display to find the right help reference

*IMPORTANT: It is of the highest priority that we deliver on every claim we make, in all published materials, and meet your expectations that result from these claims. If you encounter something contrary to what you find with in the software, please send email to our Support team so we can make the necessary adjustments to better reflect your findings.

Using Test Accounts
Use a throwaway email address for your first Account - one you know you won't use long-term. You can migrate data later. An alias or catch-all works. If you don't know what this means, you will probably be working with a Registration Email or as an Individual Account holder. See below.

Resetting an Account
The installation is decoupled from your configuration. You can provision more than one Account at a time, and can email Support (from the Account email address) and request a Reset if you need to use the email address long-term, and have the wrong configuration.

Available Roles and Quick References
Use the summary information below to choose your assumed User Role, then navigate to the associated Quick Start reference to continue. Advanced considerations follow.

Individual Account - You intend to work independently, without an Organization
If you do not intend to work as a member of another Organization, and do not intend to deploy (other) Users, refer to the Quick Start article, Individual Account.

Organization User - You received an SSProtect Registration Email
If you received an SSProtect Registration Email with temporary credentials, and you are not a member of the deployment/ administrative team (or do not know if you are), refer to the Quick Start article, Organization User.

Organization Delegate - You received an SSProtect Registration Email
If you received an SSProtect Registration Email with temporary credentials, and know you are a member of the deployment/ administrative team, refer to the Quick Start article, Organization Delegate.

Organization Administrator - You intend to create and manage an Organization
If you are the primary resource responsible for creating an SSProtect Organization, whether planning to delegate administration to others or maintain the Organization yourself, refer to the Quick Start article, Organization Administrator.

Migrating an Individual Account to an Existing Organization
At the present time, you cannot migrate an existing Account to an existing Organization. You can, however, migrate to a new Organization that you Administer, then setup Third Party Trust agreements with the target Organization. This is a strong consideration for future change. For details on migrating to an Organization, see the article, Converting to an Organization Account.

Transforming an Individual Account to the Administrator of a New Organization
You can start and work with an Individual Account then at any later time migrate to be the Administrator of a new Organization. This is common when Evaluating the software for the first time, even when you know you will be the Organization Administrator, as the Individual Account masks Organization configuration details that can be distracting on first use. This also provides you with the same context an Organization User will see, since it is very similar to the operation of an Individual Account (minus management features noted in related articles).

This is also a common scenario if, after working with an Individual Account, you find value in deploying multiple Organization Accounts to different host environments, perhaps as a way to stage integration work you are performing with :Expand. In some cases, you may qualify for more agreeable pricing terms, so be sure to check with your DefiniSec Representative or Support before making any final decisions.

Refer to the article, Migrating to an Organization Account, for details.

Topic Summary and Ordered Review
For those that wish to take an ordered approach and review materials before engaging with the software, which is appropriate for an Organization Administrator and/ or Delegate before formal non-evaluation deployment, review the foundation Topics in the order listed below, which provide everything you will need to know in order to acquire, install, provision, and start using the software - in any available User Role.


  1. Introduction - Overview, Using Help, Terminology and Components
  2. Concepts - Insight on Users, Accounts, Organizations, and Resources
  3. Deployment - Stipulations for managing individual host Resources
  4. Installation - Requirements, Installing, Updating, Uninstalling (TBD)
  5. Provisioning - Starting w/ Registration, Creating an Account, 1st Time Use
  6. To start working with content, refer to, Protecting and Working with Files

Additional Resources
You can search this site for more information on various topics, or use 
this link to submit a specific request. You can also send email directly to, and our staff will respond to your needs as soon as possible.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out our primary website and Insights columns for information on current trends, security topics, and how our technologies relate.


This article was updated w/ v8.5.1 of the :Foundation Client

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